Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Mision

Communication between two robots, one programmed in RobotC - the other with RoboLab.

The final objective will be for NeXTer to leave the shop, find L. Giskard and lead him back to the shop.

Giskard will need to be found before the auto power-down kicks in (5 min?).

What to do list:
Set-up of dedicated PC - Mainly done, but could use some final "tweaks" and more comms testing (NXT).

Design build a ramp out of the shop - Robots must be able to go up & down it in a stable fashion.

Beef up each robot design - the current configuration of each will not handle the traverse.


Documentation - Written & pictures. Still not sure if I'll keep using Blogspot or if I'll simply make a folder and keep all the documentation on the Toughbook...

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